Merle Jones 

2LT – 01 – United States Army
4th Ds. Platoon
85th Ordnance Company

Tour began on August 30, 1965
23 Years Old
Lincoln, Kansas
May 23, 1942 to March 27, 1966


Thomas J. Solomon remembers Merle...

Served with Jones, Merle E. at Long Binh 85th Ordnance Co. in 1965.
Photo of Tom Solomon and Merle Jones, Long Binh 1965.



The next reunion to honor Merle will be at The Air Force Academy
from May 13-17, 2011.  Please call Dallas Waterfill for more
information at 859-734-5598.


The 85th Ordnance Company is having another reunion to honor
Merle Jones.  The reunion will take place April 30-May 4, 2010
at Camp Dawson, West Virginia (near Morgantown).
Please contact Dallas Waterfill at 859-734-5598 at home,
859-265-7189 cell, or for
more information.


Vicki Petersen honors Merle...

I am printing Merle Jones' page for his wife.  She is now my sister-in-law
and also my husband's cousin.  Please put my e-mail address
on your list of contacts of upcoming events so that I can give Beverly the
information.  She still talks of Merle at times and will never fill the void in her heart.
Life goes on, but losing your first love can never be forgotten.

Thank you so very much for this web site.  It is very touching.  My husband
was also friends with Lanny Anderson.  I remember when everyone got the news
that these two young men had served their country and lost their lives.  It was
devastating for this community and still is for their friends and families.  Thanks
again for providing this information and remembrance.


A reunion was held in Salina, KS on May 23-25, 2008 to honor Merle Jones. Below
are some pictures of the reunion.  They plan on having another reunion in
the future.  If you would like more information about the reunion, please


This picture is from Merle's grave in Lincoln, Kansas.  The men pictured
all served with Merle and all spoke very highly of him.

First row L-R:  Daniel Fostervold, Stuart Devlet, Charles Quinn, Mark Madden,
Richard Fitch, and Timothy Dyer.
Second row L-R:  Charles Walters, David Hershey, Earl Weaver, Raymond
Bernadelli, and David Brant.
Back row L-R:  Jim Erickson, Nick Tinney, Ed Baca, Roman Baran, Dallas
Waterfill, Lloyd Lee, and Gary Scharberg.
Jerry Kenser is not pictured.

A Band of Brothers from a Long Time Ago 

A Band of Brothers From a Long Time Ago.


This picture was taken during the reception dinner at the reunion.

Reception Dinner 


Arletta Sperry Morse remembers Merle...

I wanted to let you know that my family was raised in the same small community
of Beverly.  Merle was a very respected boy in school and in the community as
was his family.  I went to school at the same time as Merle.  I sent the link to my
brother, Roger, and he looked at Merle's page.  He was also one of the boys
playing ball!  I'll remember Merle forever!


Bryan L. Robbins remembers Merle...

The day we lost Lt. Jones was a sad day for the 85th Ordnance.  He was a
respected and well liked Officer.  I always found him easy to talk with during
our time in Vietnam.


Clark McAlavy remembers his cousin...

My mom always talks about Merle, she says he is my cousin.  I was six when
he was killed.  I was surfing the web looking up information for my mother. 
When she talks about him she starts to cry.  Any information you have on him
would be helpful.  Thank You!

Clark McAlavy


A reunion was held in Salina, KS on May 23-25, 2008 to honor Merle Jones.  Below are
some pictures of Merle and the brave young men who served with him.

Chuck Walters, John Pappas, Bob Pish, and Merle Jones



Dallas Waterfill

Dallas Waterfill 


Tom Solomon, Chuck Walters, Roman Baran and Sgt.?



John Pappas the Warrant Officer?  Can't tell whose jumping.



John Pappas?, Gary Scharbers? Officer's Quarters.



Tim Dyer remembers his friend...

I served with Lt. Jones while he was 3rd Platoon Leader, 85th Ordnance Company,
RVN from August 1965 until he took over 4th Platoon.  Lt. Jones was one of the
finest gentlemen I ever knew or served for.  The entire company was deeply
saddened the day he gave his all to the service of his country.


Edward Baca remembers Merle...

I am proud to say that I served, as a 1st Lieutenant, with Merle in Vietnam.  I
accidentally came upon this web site yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find a
memorial to my war buddy.  I thought about what I could say to pay tribute to a friend
and fallen comrade.  It's difficult because words cannot express my deep love and
admiration for a courageous Officer who made the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow
soldiers and his Country.

The Army has seven values soldiers should live by.  Loyalty, Duty, Respect,
Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  The Army came up
with these Values long after the Vietnam War.  However, I remember vividly
that Merle lived and exemplified every one of these Values.  Values that he was
not taught by the Army, but obviously learned as a child, on the knees of his
Parents and Grandparents.  He was a loyal friend who always looked out for
the interest of others before his own.  I think of Merle often as his memory has
been indelibly etched in my mind.  For his family members, and those of us
who were privileged to know him he left the greatest legacy of all, a Legacy of Honor.


Richard Tinney (Nick) served with Merle...

I was Merle's wrecker operator with the 4th Ds Platoon at Phu Loi.


Several men who served with Merle, including Dallas Waterfill and Richard
Fitch, are in the process of putting together a reunion to honor their fallen
2nd Lieutenant.  Please contact for more information.


Mike Schwartz remembers Merle...

I was in Nam with Lt. Jones.  He was our 4th Platoon leader, I was his jeep driver.
Do you remember our dog?  I remember we came over on the USNS Barrett, boy,
was that a trip.


The Kansas State University Vietnam
Veterans Memorial in Manhattan

KSU Plaque 

KSU Memorial 

KSU Memorial 

KSU Memorial 


Merle's mother, Hazel Jones, participates in the Lincoln, KS Labor Day
Parade on Saturday, August 30, 2003. 

Hazel Jones 


Hazel Jones 




These messages were left in the Faces On The Wall
notebook that travels with the tribute...

Merle was in first grade my first year in high school.  The both of us lived
in the country and rode the school bus driven by Paul Ryan.  The bus picked
up grade school first.  I never had to worry about finding a seat because
a little freckled face first grader always saved me one.  I'll always remember
his smile.  Many years later, our son, Don, received the Merle Jones
Scholarship to Kansas State.  It was really appreciated as all three of our
children were at KSU that year.

Leola Effland
Lincoln, Kansas

Merle is my first cousin.  I remember what kind of person he was and I am proud
to say that he was every bit the person you want to be.  He was good to everyone
and would do anything for you.  It is an honor to be related to him.
Dalen Rathbun - nephew of Hazel Jones.


Merle and Hazel 

Merle with his proud mother, Hazel
Circa 1943


Hazel remembers her son...

2nd Lt. Merle E. Jones was born near Lincoln on May 23, 1942 to R.W. &
Hazel Jones.  He attended one year of school in Lincoln, then moved to Shady
Bend and attended the Beverly Schools, graduating with the Beverly High
School class of 1960.  He attended Kansas State University, where he majored
in agriculture economics.  He graduated and received his ROTC commission in
February, 1965.

In his younger days, Merle loved to play sports.  He played basketball,
baseball and football, lettering in all four years of High School.  He was
also an avid fisherman and hunter.  His family were custom harvesters.
He went from Texas to Canada from 1942 to 1960.  Merle was well liked
by anyone that he ever met.

Merle married Beverly Peterson on October 10, 1964 at the Presbyterian
Church in Lincoln.  They lived in Manhattan & Lincoln before being sent to
Havre De Grace & El Paso, Texas.

He reported for active duty at Havre De Grace, Maryland on March 14, 1965.
He was then sent to El Paso, Texas before being sent to Vietnam in August, 1965,
and had served the past seven months in Vietnam with the 85th Ordnance
Company (Direct Support).

Merle was killed on March 27, 1966 in action near Saigon in Vietnam, he was 23.
His funeral was held at Hall Memorial Chapel in Lincoln, the Rev. Douglas Barnes
officiating.  Burial was at the Lincoln Cemetery.  Military graveside honors were
conducted by the VFW Post 7928, of which he was a member, and the American
Legion Post 165, both of Lincoln.  He was awarded The Purple Heart and The
Silver Star.

He was survived by his widow Beverly, and his parents R.W. & Hazel and
two sisters, Cheryl Ann & Sandra Kay.  A scholarship fund was established
in his name.


Future Pilot? 

This is not one of Hazel's favorite pictures because
it looks like Merle is in the Air Force!
Circa 1945


Merle goin' to town 

Goin' to town!
Circa 1946


Happy Birthday! 

Happy Birthday, Merle!
Circa 1956



Merle playing baseball at Beverly High School
Circa 1959



Shooting hoops at Beverly High School
Circa 1959


Senior Picture 

Merle's Senior picture


William Dallas Waterfill remembers Merle…
Served with Jones, Merle E. at
Long Binh 85th Ordnance Co. 1965 to 1966


If you would like to post your remembrance
about Merle, please
click here.



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