Kenneth Weis 

MSGT - E8 - United States Army
11B40 - Infantryman
17 Years of Service
A Company, 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry
9th Infantry Division

9th Infantry 

Tour began on December 1, 1966
37 Years Old
Married with five children
Salina, Kansas
June 3, 1930 to September 13, 1967


Jim Deister honors Ken...

Ken was a member of A Company, 5th Battalion, /60th Infantry, 9th Infantry
Division. The 5th/60th Infantry Association has a web site The Fifth
which has members listed, many of whom knew Ken.  I have attended
several of the reunions and have heard many speak well of him, although
I did not know Ken personally.  The 5th/60th was the Infantry Battalion
that my Engineer squad supported and I am a member of the Association.


Bettie Lesage remembers her father...

Kenneth Weis was my father.  I Love and miss him everyday of my
life.  Though he has been gone for 43 years, he will live forever
in my heart.


This message was left in the Faces On The Wall
notebook that travels with the tribute...

I think he was my grandpa's (Gary) Weis's Dad.  I never got to meet him.


Tabitha Webber honors her grandfather...

Kenneth Weis is my grandfather, one I never met.  He died when my mother was
just eleven years old.  I hear tales of his Army days and wish I could have met
him.  Thanks Opa, for protecting us and making the world a better place.


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about Kenneth, please
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